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Books transformed the way I see the world and life. But the first book to deeply touch my heart was,”The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek” by Evelyn Sibley Lampman. I was about 7 years old, and to this day I still remember how deeply her story touched me. I read “Where the Red Fern Grows” several times and cried every time.

While I grew up around the ocean I was a curious child that loved everything about it. So many National Geographic’s and many other books relating to it. I was a swimmer as well so jumping right into the ocean was my treat. I learn to respect the ocean and Mother Nature as well. Which kept me in nature most my life and growing my own vegetables, fruit trees, and trying now flowers has become my current love.

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From what I recall about this children’s story, pickles is a yellow and black spotted cat who lives and works in a fire station. What I related to about pickles is that he was “adopted” as pets are – and I myself was adopted. Pickles ultimate goal is to help people – he may be small but wanted to make big changes and impacts – which is something I strive for as well, as silly as this comparison is.

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And now as an adult, I am most happy in the wild places and on our small farm, conversing with the plants and animals of a place. I hope that Zoe’s flower farm is OK after the storm and the community will recover quickly. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book, it looks gorgeous. I loved Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series beginning with Anne of Green Gables. Her description of the outside world was so vivid. I remember one summer, I must have been 11 or 12, when I put a chair by my window in my room and fastened the curtains behind the chair to create a little nook.

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I mainly stuck with the Judy Bloom books as a girl, but now I enjoy pretty much anything. National Geographic was always read cover to cover growing up. Today, I still love looking at the pictures from this great big world of ours and learning about other cultures. Seeing the landscape and beautiful flowers of New Zealand in the above interview is just another way to discover the world out there. I loved “The lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe. I just found it fascinating how you can walk into a wardrobe and find a fantasy land!

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A local legend says seeing a white fish will open the door to the heavens. When Raqqa became the capital of the Islamic State, Urfa became a gateway for jihadists entering Syria because of its closeness to the Akçakale-Tall Abyad border crossing and to Raqqa itself. The city’s general religious-conservative climate meant that many locals who adhere to Salafi thought sympathized with the Islamic State, and many of its members lived in the city as well. Urfa was conquered by Imad al-Din Zengi in 1144 after a month-long siege, and from that point the city came under the Zengid dynasty. The last count of Edessa besieged the city again in 1146 in an attempt to retake it from the Zengids, but only held the city for six days before being defeated by Zangi’s son Nur ad-Din.

I think that reading and playing as a child that way helped develop my sense of empathy for others. I loved so many books as a child–hard to choose just one! I loved Roald Dahl, Madeleine L’Engle, Beverley Cleary, and also raiding the art and travel books in our library. I would spend hours looking at paintings and photography and dreaming of adventure.

I’m old enough that the Dick & Jane (see Spot run!) easy readers were a favorite in my early years. I learned to read using them in the classroom and my love for reading just continued to grow. My favorite pastime or maybe tied with my flowers, is still reading. I loved The Babysitters Club books when I was growing up.

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My mom had 6 children of all ages to take care of. I’ve always loved fairytales and still do. I read them to my daughter and still read them to myself. My grandmother had these giant old books she would read to us from. Some of them were kind of scary but I loved them all the same. Lost and Found is beyond beautiful!!

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Looking back I think the most impactful book of my childhood was Little Women. Of course I wanted to be Jo but my personality was more like Beth. As an adult, I have read it again several times. It is interesting how perspective changes as an adult. I grew up by my Mother reading to my 4 siblings and me every night before bedtime.